Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Every successful marketing campaign should have a platform to reach their customers. There is no better platform to reach customers than using social media. Contact St. Cloud SEO to learn how social media marketing and SEO can help your business. Social media is the only place where you can get a platform with many people at once. It is importance to use social media for marketing and not just a social platform for interaction.

Why you should use social media marketing

Showcase your brandsocial media marketing

There is no better way to showcase your brand than using social media. To showcase your brand, all you need is create a Facebook page or an Instagram account that shows who you are. Using these platform, you can show the world who you are. This is important especially if you are trying to introduce a new brand or product to the market. Social media allows you a platform of interaction where you can ask questions and also give answers to questions asked by clients. This is important when trying to introduce a new brand.

Pushing sales

Social media can be a very good place when you are trying to push sales of products that are not moving. All you have to do is create a good social media campaign that will attract customers to purchasing the products. For instance, you can create online offers, discounts and sales for your social media customers. You can also create competitions for your customers to participate and win. This is a good way of attracting customers and through this, you will be pushing your sales.

Customer service

Social media provides a platform for you to provide better customer service. This is because social media provides a less formal way of interaction with customers. This is different from other formal media of customer service like the use of e-mails and phone calls. Using social media makes it easy for customers to air their views and concerns. The business can use the same platform to answer the customer concerns in a less formal way which
is comfortable for everyone.

Customer interaction

Customer intefacebookraction is something that most companies dream of having. Every business wants to know how clients feel about the products or areas where they can improve. Social media is a very good platform for business that wants constant customer interaction. Social media is quite interactive, and businesses can use it to their advantage. This is a place where business can conduct surveys and also important research for the business. Business can also easily know the views of the customers using social media.


SEO Still Powers Your Online Presence

Are you struggling to come up with reasons for why your business needs to invest in local SEO? The question of how heavily modern search is influenced by local SEO has surfaced a few times in past few years, and as industry experts have pointed out time and again, SEO is far from dead. As a matter of fact, SEO agencies making a renewed commitment to invest into developing an elaborate SEO web infrastructure that is search-engine friendly. Given Google’s (and indeed other search engines as well) commitment to enhancing and evolve their algorithms.

Importance of local SEO

It works just fine

The most basic techniques used to enhance SEO still work today. GraSEOnted, some changes have occurred- e.g. Google pulling data about organic traffic- but the techniques marketers use remain intact, and there are scores of case studies to prove this.

Provided you create an ideal user experience while still sticking to a Methodistic SEO approach, you will be able to get a high position and organic traffic.

It is Economical

When compared to PPC or social media marketing campaigns, SEO offers fairly decent ROI. Although PPC brings in higher revenue and social media plays a huge role in creating a brand and image, organic SEO is still the bedrock of your entire web presence.

Rise of local search

The most recent data on mobile device clearly show a shift in user habits and with that comes an array of new features for search engines. Google was quick to tap into this growing mobile usage, and with that came a whole new world of new SEO techniques designed for local search.

Search engSEOines own a larger market share

Over 80% of customers check online reviews before making a purchase, and that number is rising. In a few years virtually everybody will be using an advanced form of search filter to find products and services- do you want your business to be visible or not? The only way this works is by setting up a solid SEO framework that sets you ahead of your competitors as an emerging brand and authority in your niche.

Remember your competitors are using organic SEO

As solid as your organic SEO strategy is, one must bear in mind that SEO is a never-ending process, and the only way to compete is to constantly move forward and improve your position against competitors.